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Новый персонаж (Rune Wizard) - Бывший Summoner

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Rune Wizard ~ (Бывший Summoner)


  runepad.png runesphinx.png runelegendary.png runekenaz.png runelight.png runescent.png archrune.png
  Rune Pad Rune Sphinx Rune Legendary Rune Kenaz Rune Light Lord Rune Scent Chaos Legion Rune
Class Rune Wizard Rune Wizard Rune Wizard Rune Spell Master Rune Spell Master Rune Spell Master Grand Rune Master
Type Excellent / PVP Excellent / PVP Excellent / PVP Excellent / PVP Excellent / PVP Excellent / PVP Excellent / PVP / Socket
Ancient Version --- ----- Chrono / Semeden ----- ----- --- ---


  Name of wings Requirements
12-1.gif Wings of Heaven Rune Wizard
180 Level
12-4.gif Wings of Soul Rune Spell Master
215 Level
12-37.gif Wings of Eternal

Grand Rune Master
250 Level

288.gif Wings of Destiny Grand Rune Master


(Mace) - Elemental Rune ~ (Exe +PvP), El Hazard ~ (Exe +PvP), Light Road Runic ~ (Exe +PvP), Frost Rune ~ (Exe +PvP), Rune Absolute ~ (Exe +PvP), Rune Scent ~ (Exe +PvP), Blessed Divine Archangel ~ (Exe +PvP +Socket).


  Name of skill Requirements
26fa43c597b0786e50603aa3d56aa4bf.png Poison Rune Wizard
Energy : 140
371fb3a7812a21a1f896f1bc96f3ac28.png Meteorite Rune Wizard
Energy : 40
25b8dc0fe3e71a3470184679e6df7af2.png Fire ball Rune Wizard
Energy : 104
c4ecba2c3e9d472c209b21eed4cdf458.png Flame Rune Wizard
Energy : 160
a2c092ee364a6ae898b0e129c348ba77.png Twister Rune Wizard
Energy : 180
72e86e865cfc6030f5f399590a8a437e.png Evil spirit Rune Wizard
Energy : 220
7b898f72e0729d07eb24e2d3e4470c7a.png Hellfire Rune Wizard
Energy : 260
d80e8ae74486b46d5aead5a8a5b0aacb.png Cometfall Rune Wizard
Energy : 500
bb637c0b60860a073e6891b9525db444.png Drain Life

Rune Wizard
 Energy : 150

422ea0530ed23cb56682909a42276458.png Chain Lighting

Rune Wizard
 Energy : 245

06b7088eb0f496943a25921be68ff415.png Damage Reflection

Rune Wizard
 Energy : 375

f5b624e3bd56e9f5963fe73c202c0772.png Berserker

Rune Wizard
 Energy : 620

f97852feb4e1bfe1ea7637b60a8dc53f.png Sleep

Rune Wizard
 Energy : 180

7acd60ad4cb7b8bcacc4d93dac52fe48.png Weakness

Rune Spell Master
 Energy : 663

1064e4b5a70b221b96d5679c1108fcb0.png Innovation

Rune Spell Master
 Energy : 912

c4e0eb716c3ed8d0b9c972a568af957b.png Explosion

Rune Wizard
Book of Samut skill

11fd914bb72e33da44eaf29896199e94.png Requiem

Rune Wizard
Book of Neil skill

5ad99a90c5bdc7657aff95706eb514d1.png Pollution

Rune Wizard
Book of Lagie skill

d56fed083922771c27effa16604c2641.png Lighting Shock

Rune Wizard
 Energy : 823

3b9f23532560a86a0d1b7942ad4ba3a9.png Ice storm

Rune Spell Master
 Energy : 849

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